Saint Mary's 1:1 iPad program provides a school-owned iPad to all students in grades TK-8 to be used at home and school. The majority of our iPads are equipped with free Wi-Fi to be used at home thanks to the C3 Ignite Grant. The program allows teachers to enhance their daily lessons with the integration of iPad technology. iPads are powerful creative tools with interactive textbooks that allow teachers to create hands-on, customizable learning experiences.

Students use a variety of online resources to supplement learning such as Accelerated Reader, Reading Eggs, Epic, Stem Scopes, Bible for Kids, TCI Social Studies, and more (resources vary by grade level). Platforms such as Google Classroom, Class Dojo, and Seesaw are used to collect student work, organize lessons, and communicate with students and parents. We also teach digital citizenship, digital collaboration, and how to create projects using productivity apps and tools available. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the school utilized Zoom to impart daily lessons and communicate with parents.

Students are expected to take care of their iPad and use the internet and technology available responsibly (please see the Acceptable Use Policy).